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BrightStar Care of Redwood City, a Nanny Agency in San Mateo, CA

Name: BrightStar Care of Redwood City
Address: 1700 So. Amphlett Blvd., Suite 200
San Mateo CA 94402
Contact Name: John Cannon
Contact Phone: (650) 685-6558

BrightStar Care of Redwood City

Website: http://www.brightstarcare.com/
Details: At BrightStar Home Care of Redwood City, our mission is to be the gold standard provider of quality healthcare service for the larger San Mateo County community, with our family being ever present, making life for our customers more valuable and always rewarding. BrightStar Care of San Mateo offers premier quality home care, caregivers, and medical staffing to families, businesses and communities within the San Mateo County area. We offer compassionate care and peace of mind to the families and communities we serve. BrightStar Care of Redwood City is owned by John Cannon and Tarak Shah. John Cannon has 20 years of healthcare experience as a care provider and a health facility manager, who has received a degree in Sustainability and Entrepreneurship from the University of Massachusetts. His goal is to combine his real life experience of helping patients and families in the hospital and other healthcare settings with his passion for sustainability management. Tarak Shah has several years of health care experience as a care provider and has over 10 years’ experience as a business attorney, providing consultancy for small businesses across the San Francisco Bay Area. With a combination of their skill set and practical work experience, as well as the challenges they faced within their own personal lives–involving their families’ health needs within the last decade–their goal of providing outstanding service to the families within the Northern California region became paramount, which resulted in their desire to be a part of a bigger family within BrightStar Care.
Services: Home Care, Personal and Elder Care; Childcare, Nanny Services and Special Needs Care; Caregivers and Other Medical Staffing Service

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