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Nanny Jobs

A nanny provides the best possible care for children. Often specialized attention must be provided for each child. Nannies support the family by providing a loving, nurturing environment to the children, paying attention to their needs and showing patience and understanding. A nanny’s skills help to simplify the lives of everyone in the family.

What are the responsibilities of a nanny?

A nanny must take complete responsibility for the children in their care. The child’s physical, behavioral, and intellectual needs must be met. This may include providing food, taking care of laundry, planning outings and activities, enforcing rules, providing educational training, and disciplining when appropriate. This may include teaching basic language skills or helping with homework. A nanny may need to provide transportation at times. Good communication with the children and parents is vital. The exact nature of the nanny position will be established depending on the particular family and their needs, as well as the nanny.

What are the requirements of nannies?

Training and experience may differ, but all qualified nannies genuinely care for children, wanting to provide the best for them. Additionally, general requirements for nannies include being at least 18 years of age, having a high school diploma or equivalency, and being in good general health, possibly being subject to drug testing, TB testing, or showing proof of immunization. Again, the exact requirements may depend on the family.

What is the job description of a nanny?

A nanny may live in the home or just come to take care of children during the day, depending on the needs of the family. A nanny may be full-time, live-in, or part-time. The main responsibility is to take care of the children, though some light housekeeping and errands may be needed as well. Families must determine exactly what will be involved in their nanny’s work.

What kind of salaries and benefits do nannies receive?

Depending on qualifications and experience, the pay and benefits of a nanny may vary. A nanny just getting started in the field may earn $250 to $400 per week. Someone with more training and experience may earn up to $1,000 per week. Pay must be negotiated between the nanny and the family.

A nanny may typically work 40 to 60 hours per week. A part-time nanny may work less and be paid on an hourly basis, from $7 to $20 per hour. A live-in nanny may receive free room and board and possibly paid vacation time, holidays, and health insurance. Nannies living outside of the family’s home may receive some or all of those benefits. Of course, Social Security and Federal income tax should not be ignored and is required in most areas.

How can a nanny get trained?

There is much training available for nannies. Many classes include lessons on child development, family dynamics, diet, first aid, and CPR. Courses range from a few weeks’ training to certification programs to associate’s or bachelor’s degrees in Early Childhood Education. Check in your local area for available courses.

If you are not ready to take on the full responsibilities of being a nanny, there are also babysitting jobs available.