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Distinctive Staffing Home Services Inc., a Nanny Agency in Palm Beach, FL

Name: Distinctive Staffing Home Services Inc.
Address: 205 Worth Avenue, Suite 201
Palm Beach FL 33480
Contact Name:
Contact Phone: (561) 822-9977

Website: http://www.distinctivestaffing.com/
Details: After 9 years in the Palm Beach area and serving our clients nation wide, Distinctive Staffing's policy has always been "to provide you with the most qualified person(s) to custom fit their homes." We are constantly looking for qualified applicants. Upon receipt of a resume and three letters of recommendation, the applicant's resume is reviewed to determine previous estate experience, household duties, and length of time with previous employers. After this initial "screening process", applicants are contacted for an interview. Background checks are made, and previous employers are contacted. When applicant is selected for a position, the client is contacted and an interview is scheduled with their prospective employee. It is through this process that our clients handpick the individual he or she wishes to hire. Personal service is of most importance. Prospective applicants must have a minimum of 5 years experience in estate homes along with personal letters of reference. We do not charge any fees to our applicants.
Services: Nannies; Estate Management; Housemen; Couples; CNAs; Chauffeurs; Housekeepers; Butlers; Exec. Housekeepers; Social Secretary; Maintenance; Companions; Laundresses; Groundskeepers

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