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Domestic Affairs Agency, a Nanny Agency in Beverly Hills, CA

Name: Domestic Affairs Agency
Address: 300 S. Beverly Drive, Suite 106
Beverly Hills CA 90212
Contact Name: Cathy Orell
Contact Phone: (310) 552-4444

Domestic Affairs Agency

Website: http://www.domesticaffairs.com/
Details: Domestic Affairs opened in 1983 as the first Nanny Agency in Los Angeles. The Agency started from the needs of new moms searching for qualified help for their own children. The Agency services have expanded over twenty-five years to include housekeepers, chefs, couples, estate managers, personal assistants and companions, in addition to nannies, doulahs and newborn nurses. We are very selective about the people we place. We listen to the needs of our clients, as well as those of the applicants. Both parties should feel very positive about the position they are accepting or the person they are hiring. The integrity of the Agency is reflected in the high degree of referral business, which continues to be a key factor in our success. All applicants are prescreened and selected for interviews based on their particular skills and how those skills meet the needs of each client. All candidates will have verifiable references, speak, read and write English, and have experience directly related to the position you wish to fill. The Agency checks references, and those references are available for you to verify. If you are interested in hiring a candidate, the Agency will provide a DMV report, social security verification and criminal background check. There is also a CPR class offered, at no charge. The salaries range from $600-1,500/week, depending on the type of help you are looking for, the applicant’s experience and the duties and hours of the position. We work within the parameters of each client’s budget. Once a candidate is placed, we offer a four-month unlimited replacement guarantee and a one-week trial period before the Agency fee is due.
Services: Nannies; Housekeepers; Newborn Nurses; Personal Assistants; Elderly Care; Estate Managers; Chefs; Couples; Housemen; Weekend & Part-Time Help

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