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Home Details Inc., a Nanny Agency in Seattle, WA

Name: Home Details Inc.
Address: 4616 25th Ave NE # 545
Seattle WA 98105
Contact Name: Leann Brambach
Contact Phone: (206) 285-7656

Details: Founded in 1992 by Leann Brambach, Home Details, Inc. is based on the principles and core values of the American and Family Consumer Sciences. Dedicated to the concept of the family as an ecosystem that interacts and thrives on reciprocal relationships, Home Details, Inc. offers a synergistic approach to domestic service placements. A process that respects the needs and dignity of all involved, Home Details, Inc. takes a pro-active role in shaping and defining domestic service. In addition, we are committed to influencing public policy, and increasing public awareness and education about the issues that impact the family around the globe.

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