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Nanny Poppinzâ„¢ of Lansing Michigan, a Nanny Agency in Lansing, MI

Name: Nanny Poppinzâ„¢ of Lansing Michigan
Lansing MI
Contact Name: Deneane Maldonado
Contact Phone: (248) 918-0656

Nanny Poppinzâ„¢ of Lansing Michigan

Website: http://www.nannypoppinz.com/
Details: Nanny Poppinz is excited to be able to offer Nanny childcare and domestic solutions to families in the Lansing, Michigan area. Many of us work non-traditional hours, travel, have single parent households, are busy executives, and need flexible childcare options. Nanny Poppinz of Lansing is here to fill that need. Nanny Poppinz understands the importance of finding the best possible care for our most precious assets, our children. Many families choose a Nanny to care for their children due to flexibility with schedules, a lower occurrence of illness, customized one on one Nanny care, and a comfortable safe at home environment.
Services: Full-time Nanny; Part-time Nanny; Date-night Nanny; Post-partum new-born specialists or Baby Nurses; Night new-born Nanny specialists; Overnight or emergency Nanny care; Corporate childcare solutions including onsite childcare and employee emergency child

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