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Planet Nanny, a Nanny Agency in Beaverton, OR

Name: Planet Nanny
Beaverton OR
Contact Name: Kate Martin
Contact Phone: (503) 567-4947

Planet Nanny

Website: http://www.theplanetnanny.com/
Details: We believe in the inclusivity and the equality of everyone. Planet Nanny proudly serves all sorts of families (single dads and moms, grand-parents, two moms, two dads, foster parents, aunts and uncles…and the list goes on). We will work for them and love all of their children. We believe in a stable, safe and loving home environment, where the parents and nanny are on a united front and work as a team. These conditions allow self-confidence and a sense of belonging to dwell and thrive. We believe in treating everyone equal regardless of religion, sexual orientation, race, and preferred ice cream flavor. We expect all nannies/sitters that work under the Planet Nanny umbrella of awesomeness to exemplify these qualities when working with families and in the community.
Services: Full-Time Nannies; Date-night Sitters; Part-Time Nannies; Live-In Nannies; Overnight Caregivers; Temp Nannies

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