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Teacher Care, a Nanny Agency in Schaumburg, IL

Name: Teacher Care
Address: 10 N. Martingale Rd., Suite 400
Schaumburg IL 60173
Contact Name:
Contact Phone: (847) 240-2900

Teacher Care

Website: http://www.teachercare.com/
Details: Every week another study underscores the critical impact of the early years in developing the potential of every child. We are born loaded with creative and cognitive abilities. Even at a cellular level, “use it or lose it” is the operative principle. Early development is all about realizing that rich potential through carefully orchestrated nurturing and stimulation. Your child is a sponge, yearning to be saturated, not just babysat. Imagine how much happier and more enriched your child will be with a caring professional who can both nurture and nourish, rather than a nanny, who, while loving, is limited in her ability to expertly focus on your child’s development. Like a nanny, the TeacherCareGiver cares for your child’s everyday needs as a warm and supportive companion. Unlike a nanny, the TeacherCareGiver is a professional with education and experience in childhood development or some other child-related field. When your child feels at home and receptive, learning, growing and thriving come naturally. The TeacherCareGiver not only becomes an extension of you as parents, she is able to draw from and add to the rich, loving environment of your home. So that learning takes place within the context of family, familiarity and fun. The TeacherCareGiver’s role is to integrate her specialized educational expertise with your own parental point of view - your priorities, values, hopes and dreams for your child. The three of you become a close-knit team working purposefully toward mutually agreed upon goals. As comfortable as the notion of a nanny is, inevitably your child’s reach exceeds a nanny’s grasp. A happy, fulfilling and rewarding life begins with, and depends on, the quality of life and learning in the first few remarkable years. The TeacherCareGiver is dedicated to applying all of her skills and experience to ensure that your child thrives emotionally and intellectually, throughout those first remarkable years.
Services: Full-time Childcare; Part-time Childcare; Permanent Childcare; Temporary Childcare; Infant Development Child Care; Toddler Activites & Child Care; Preschool Childcare Tutor; School Age After School Activities; Gifted Child Tutoring; Special Needs Learning

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