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Windsor House Nannies, a Nanny Agency in Austin, TX

Name: Windsor House Nannies
Austin TX
Contact Name: Rebecca Pearcy
Contact Phone: (512) 831-6677

Website: https://www.windsorhousenannies.com/
Details: Windsor House Nannies is based in Austin, Texas and was founded by two nannies who have worked for many families and facilities caring for and educating a large number of children from all walks of life. Our greatest love and achievements are the children we have cared for and as such we believe all children should have the best care with a nurturing and encouraging environment that only trained professionals can provide. In our society, it seems there has grown a greater need and budget for in-home child care. Families value individual focus on their children and hiring a nanny can provide that tailored in-home care and attention. Due to this greater demand, there is an influx of individuals claiming to be child care professionals. As nannies ourselves, we first and foremost understand that the job is a special one, a position that requires dedication, experience, training and a commitment to career. We see that at times being a nanny is dismissed as being a stop gap job - a position that anyone who likes kids can undertake. However, being a nanny is much more to us. We believe it can be a wonderful career choice and appreciate the years of commitment and unique skills required to be a great caretaker. We want to be able to match trained child care professionals with families so that your children can get the best care available.
Services: Sitting Service; Placement Service

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