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christine k, a Nanny in ellsworth, KS 67439

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Christine Ann Keller
132 S. Douglas Ave.
Ellsworth Kansas 67439
(785) 472-3438  

I moved to Ellsworth Kansas in September 2004 from Omaha Nebraska.  There I was a nanny for different families for over 10 years and worked at a church daycare/preschool.   I now have 3 children of my own.  They are 9 , 6 , and 17 months.   I am caring, understanding, and creative.  I am experienced in potty training both girls and boys.  I have been CPR and First Aid certified.  I also enjoy teaching the children different games and activities. The most enjoyable thing is watching the children grow.   I think this job would be great for me.   

April 2010-June 2010
George Psamos 785 249-2330
Seema Patel 804 943-4006
I have been here for a short time because they decided to try for another baby and she has had a lot of problems in the past so, she is going to cut her hours back .  They are both doctors and have different shifts so, someone is always there with the 18 month old.  I was able to take my 17 month old with me and they played together.  I am trying to find a job I can take him with me.

September 2009-now
Ellsworth Elementary School
Rosemary  Whitley 785  472-4369
I am a Para sub for children with special needs. The children I work with now have autism, down syndrum, and blind.  The children I work with went to Head Start when I worked there.  It is nice to see all them again. I will continue to do this if I don't find a job this summer.

January 2008-January 2009
I had my own daycare in my home.  I watched up to 6 kids at times. Some days would be very busy and others not.  Most of the time I had 4 or 5.   I enjoyed doing this because of the love I have for children. I had to stop when I got pregnant with my third and was having problems with the pregnancy. My son was born January 2009 and everything was perfect. 

September 2005-December 2007
Ellsworth Head Start
Cindy Holecek   472-5254 or home 472-4878
At this job I assisted the teacher help pre-school age children get ready for kindergarten.  Some of the things I helped them with were colors, ABC's, and numbers. Every week we had to change out toys and centers depending on the letter of the week.  I helped prepare breakfast, lunch, and snack.  I had a lot of fun at this job.  I left to have my third child.

January 2004-June 2004
West Hills pre-school
Jenny Martinez or Debbie 402-391-8788
This daycare/preschool I was a teachers assistant. I helped 4 and 5 year olds get ready for kindergarten.  I worked with helping them learn sounds, letters, shapes, and counting.   I like working with children of all ages.  This job ended when I had my first son and we decided to move to Ellsworth Kansas.

August 1999-May 2002
Maria and Bob Reiter 402-291-7757
Here my main job was to take the 4 children to and from school.  I was on-call during the day in case they got sick.  I have also stayed over night a few nights in a row.  Why’ll the parents were TDY.  They were either in another state or in another country.  The children were 5, 7, 9, and 12 when I started. I took them to swimming lessons in summer and sport activities..  They were all in activities during the school year so, the nights were very busy with four children.  I would help out when I could.  I took the children to the Henry Doorly Zoo, Children's Museum, and the movies.  I stayed with this family until they no longer needed me.  The wife retired as a Colonel  in the Air Force and the oldest was going to be 16.  I really got involved with the family and felt like I was part of the family.  It's  amazing how fast these children grew up.  I would love to find another family like the Reiter's.

November 1998-July 1999
Chris Hall 402-571-0538
This family had a 16 month old, 4 year old, and a 6 year old. My duties were to take the 6 year old to and from school.  Why’ll the 16 month old was napping, I enjoyed playing games, reading, and teaching the 4 year old learning activities.  My duties also included sweeping, vacuuming, and picking up around the house.  We enjoyed going for walks, the library, and parks.  I love to get out and do things with the children and teach them outdoor life.  This family no longer needed me.

September 1996-September 1998
Sherry and Lowell Frederes 402- 334-7341
At this job my schedule was to pick up the 4 year old from preschool and take the two year old to Prairie Life fitness center for dance lessons.  My other duties included the children  laundry once or twice a week, take to doctors appointments, and preparing lunches and dinners.  I worked with the children on learning activities such as ABC's, colors, shapes, and numbers. I enjoyed taking the kids to the zoo, parks, shopping centers, and most of all out to lunch.  This family didn't need me all day any more so, I had to move on with another family.

August 1994-September 1996
Cindy and Brian Wiebold 402-397-3151
At this families home I was a nanny for three girls 2, 3, and 4.  I took the girls to and from preschool.  We went to parks, walks, and swimming lessons.  The girls loved to listen to a story after a busy afternoon. I taught the children how to tie their shoes and learning activities.  My duties were to make lunch and pick-up around the house as needed. This family was really layed back and there main thing was to take care of the children

I would be a great nanny/daycare provider.  I love to interact with children of all ages. 

I am from Omaha Nebraska. I moved to Ellsworth Kansas 6 years ago. I have 3 children 9, 6, and 20 months. I enjoy watching children learn and grow.

Age: 37
Rate Range: $8-$18
Capacity: 4
Child Age Range: 1-14
Experience: I have been a nanny for over 12 years. I worked at Head Start and the school for special needed children as a para. I have potty trained both boys and girls.
OK with Pet?: Yes
School: south high
Hobbies: crafts with my kids, boating, and camping


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